The Cross: Initiation into the Dark and Light Feminine (for Women)

IMPORTANT: Only open to the women who have already completed or have registered for the initiation into the dark and light masculine for women.

If you are ready to journey deep into your own feminine this is for you!

If you are ready to clear out the unhealthy imprints and patterns, and traverse the shadows around your femininity, this is for you!

If you are ready to stop hiding, playing it small, looking out for answers, and reveal the authentic and integrated Dark and Light Feminine in you and let her shine, this is for you!

During this intensive you will:
* recognize how the Dark and the Light Feminine manifests uniquely through you;
* explore the shadow or stunted side, and the healthy side, of the Dark and the Light Feminine;
* find acceptance for how different feminine energies manifest through you and other sisters;
* access and increase the range of how your feminine expresses herself.

This is an intensive and it’s experiential. You will be given theory, transmissions, and personal sharings for reference. The majority of the time you will be participating in exercises and practices. This is not a mental or conceptual journey, it is embodied! There will be opportunities to share and ask questions as well. And you will be taking part in powerful rituals of initiation.

Come and anchor the essence of the Dark and Light Feminine within you, and feel the power of the union of the sisterhood within. Allow them to shine through your body, heart and soul. Drop any masks you wear based on patterns of pleasing, rebelling, or trying to live up to expectations of what a woman should be. Here, you can be seen for who you really are, broaden your comfort level in expressing your femininity, and tap into the essence of the power your particular feminine carries. The world needs you in your authentic expression!

This intensive has been scheduled to take place during the Aquarius-Leo Full Moon Axis. This is an extremely powerful time and we will culminate in ritual to honor that!

Dark, Shadow and Evil are not the same!

Some summary definitions in order to clarify the terminology of this map.
* Evil: anything that is actively blocking or attempting to destroy love, light and life.
* Shadow: aspects of our being that are unconscious or repressed, and yet are affecting or even guiding our behavior. Unintegrated aspects of our personality, distortions, and unrealized potential.
* Dark: primal energies of Life, Earthy, related to the body and our animal nature.

The Dark and Light Feminine:

Both the Dark and the Light Feminine can have a healthy expression, distinct and complimentary to each other, and both can have a shadow or stunted expression as well. The shadow expression is when usually there is an excess of this energy, or it has been repressed, and then gets distorted. In order to come to balance, the distortion must come out of the shadow into the light, and the authentic expression be given permission. The stunted expression is when usually there is a lack of this energy, or it has been rejected, and therefor it’s not accessible. In this case, in order to come to balance, this energy needs to be given permission, cultivated and strengthened.

The Light Feminine –The capacity to live as love and embrace everything. When we connect to her we connect to divine grace, unconditional love and acceptance, and the beauty in everything. The shadow expression is lack of boundaries, overly nurturing, and bypassing pain with “all is love and light”. The stunted version is when there is an inability to connect, to give and receive love, or to forgive.

I invite you to reflect sisters, what is your relationship with the light feminine? Is it a “home base for you?” Is that in a healthy or challenging way? Has it become too much of a “home base” for you? Or are you unfamiliar with the light feminine for the most part? How could the qualities/ aspects/ elements of this archetype support you in your life and authentic expression of yourself more? For example, would being able to accept and embrace whatever arises in your life support you? Would opening more to forgive and be forgiven be a key for you? We will be diving into these qualities during the intensive.

The Dark Feminine – sensual pleasure, erotic wisdom, emotional fluidity, and naked authenticity. This energy has a sexual sovereignty, the capacity to attract/ magnetize, and the willingness to feel everything, even the most apparently ugly, desperate, and suffering parts of life. The shadow expression is manipulation, power games, chaoticness, vengeance, and emotionally explosive. The stunted version is frigidity (rejection or judgment of sensual and sexual pleasure), and emotionally, physically or sexually detached.

Take a moment to contemplate this sisters, what is your relationship with the dark feminine? Is it a “home base for you?” Is that in a healthy or challenging way? Has it become too much of a “home base” for you? If so, how has it maybe become distorted? How could exploring and integrating the shadow or stunted aspects of the dark feminine give you more freedom to be you? Or are you unfamiliar with the dark feminine? Would connecting to your own erotic wisdom, sensual pleasure, animal wildness and whole emotional range support you to cultivate this archetype? Would exploring any shadows around sexuality, emotion and manipulation be a key for you? We will be working with this during the intensive.

We all need the healthy expression of the both the Dark and the Light Feminine within us to feel fulfilled and whole. And humanity needs it too! The state of the world today is in large part due to the absence of the integration and grounding of this internal sisterhood. It’s time we each play our part, and do something about it!

Note: I will be posting lots more on the Dark and the Light Feminine in this FB event, in the form of videos, blogs, and commentaries. If you want to be notified when a resource has been added, click “interested” on this event and set your notifications for the event on “all”. You can also “like” my FB page where I share plenty more.

Please also invite other sisters to this event, who would be interested in going deep into the authentic and integrated expression of their feminine. Thank you!

The Vision: The Cross

The Cross, transmitted by Bruce Lyon based on the Trans-Himalayan Teachings, is THE most integrated, holistic, fast and deep path we know to Soul Awakening and anchoring. The Cross is based on the essential polarities of our being: Body, Soul, Feminine and Masculine. This includes the Dark and the Light Masculine, the Dark and the Light Feminine. (For a more detailed description of the map see )

Being able to embody each of these energies in their purest form in the unique way they manifest through you, is key to living your full potential as a being and going beyond the polarities and knowing yourself as a soul. This is my wish for you and all of humanity, and nothing less!

During the first 3 parts we will dive into the different aspects of the cross deeply, and during the last part we will put it all together. Ideally, you will go through the whole journey, although each part is complete in itself. Priority to register will be given to those who have done the previous part(s) of the Journey:

4-Part Self-Training “At The Center of The Cross”

* February 7-9 2020: Initiation into the Dark and Light Feminine (for Women)

* April 24-26 2020: Initiation into the Dark and Light Masculine (for Women)

* September 6-13 2020: The Union of Body and Soul (for Women)

* January 2021: Living at the Center of the Cross (for women and men together)


Location: Pesa, Tampere, Finland

Friday, February 7: 14hrs – 21hrs
Saturday, February 8: 8 or 9am – 21hrs
Sunday, February 9: 8 or 9am – 20hrs
! Please only register if you can be there for the entire duration of the journey !

There will be breaks for meals. You are welcome to bring your own food and prepare it and eat at the center, or eat at one of the many restaurants around the center. Additional schedule details will be announced to registered participants prior to the start of this journey.

Please note:
* while the journey is not residential, it is an intensive and should be treated as a complete immersion. In order to get the most out of the journey, please make no other plans from when we start on Friday to when we finish Sunday.
* the teachings will be in English only, if there are terms that are not understood Finnish translation will be available.
* a non-refundable deposit is needed to reserve your place. If for any reason I cancel the group or postpone the dates and you are not able to make the new dates, your deposit will be reimbursed in full.

Contribution: 300E

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07 - 09 Feb 2020


2:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Tampere, Finland