Honoring MahaShivaRatri

MAHA= Great
SHIVA = the Supreme Being responsible for creation, destruction and everything in between, the absolute, consciousness, the divine
RATRI = night

Whether you are in a man’s or a woman’s body, come and honor MahaShivaRatri by strengthening your connection to the energy of creation, positive destruction, consciousness, one-ness, and the divine!

This evening will include:
* Theory: a review of the stages on the spiritual path towards embodied awakening according to non-dual Classical Tantric teachings, so that you have clarity on where you are currently, and the possibilities that await you should you choose to keep walking;
* Experiential practices: to give you a taste of the different stages on the path, and that support you to connect to the energies of Shiva as destroyer, preserver and creator;
* Ritual: a puja (“blessing”) to Shiva using offerings, mantra, yantra, and transfiguration

The event will be in English. If there are certain terms or words which are not understood they will be translated but there will not be translation for the event overall.

This evening is open to all. It is not about the masculine, it is about the path to waking up to pure consciousness. MahaShivaRatri is celebrated in India and Nepal this year on February 21.

Because space is limited if you wish to join you need to pre-register. Please email: takih@rememberyourself.live . Also please ensure that you save this email address in your contacts or explicitly mark it as “safe” otherwise the response will go to your junk folder!

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20 Feb 2020


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Tampere, Finland