When I chose the dates for the Dark and Light Masculine Initiation for Men, I did so very consciously. It was aligned with this Full Moon on the Libra-Aries axis, which reached its peak a couple of hours after we completed. Mars rules Aries, which represents the masculine. The mantra for Aries: “Enter the Center”. The mantra for Libra: “The chalice must be emptied, drink (your karma)!”

So planetarily speaking, in our little galaxy, this was the best time for this work! Oh how we were so supported throughout the journey! To go into the shadows of the dark and light masculine, to drink our own and some collective karma around this theme, and to enter our own center! Because the time has come, for all humans no matter the body, to reclaim the healthy and integrated masculine. As a collective, and as individuals, we need this like we need air to breathe!

The light and dark brothers bear complimentary gifts. I know who I really am, I know why I’m really here, and I stand firmly for that! I move through the world unapologetically, with power, presence and love! Yes Yes Yes! A gachilion times yes!

My process with the drinking of my karma around this theme started 2 days before the group. Over the past years I have cleaned out shadows from my light and dark masculine and nurtured what energies have been stunted. In addition, I have owned soul gifts I carry from past lives dedicated to these quadrants (monastic life, samurai, shaman, shamanic human sacrifice, etc.). But now it was time to face shadows my masculine carries from past lives! My masculine kept asking my soul: “show me, what have I done?” So that he could take responsibility, drink the karma and empty the chalice. There was some deep reconciliation that needed to happen within me. My feminine felt scared, confused and betrayed. This needed cleaning too, so I could move forward whole, in alignment. And finally I returned to: I remember who I really am, I know why I’m here, and I stand for that! 

Thank you Jon Darrall-Rew and Bruce Lyon for standing with me with such love and power in those moments. YES! And that’s how we started the group.

As far as I know this is the first time there has been a group offered to those anyone exclusively on this theme for this long. And it was the icing on the cake for me and my journey with the masculine. From blaming and hating certain key men in my life and being abused by men as a child, to feeling more resonance with men then women as a teenager and as a young adult, to deeply healing personal relationships with men in my life, turning inwards to heal the relationship with my own masculine, having my masculine seen, honored and welcomed into brotherhood by the masculine in men’s bodies, to now supporting brothers in all humans to dive deep into their masculine, clear what needs clearing, and reclaim the healthy masculine for themselves… I have come full circle. Aho!

Thank you to the gorgeous beings in male bodies who showed up to journey together, deep in themselves, with me, with each other, and for our collective evolution. Thank you for trusting me, and in particular the masculine that lives and thrives in this little woman’s body, to support you to find your way to the healthy brotherhood within you and around you. I honor you deeply for your courage to go THERE in you and with each other, and your hunger to be seen in your power unapologetically! Aho!

I also honor the women who were part of the ritual, for your courage to ask the Light and Dark Masculine to manifest in the world, in you and in your brothers in all humans. You can only begin to imagine how healing it is for someone in a man’s body to be received, even invited, to share this energy with someone in a woman’s body! Aho!

This is how we drank some of our personal and collective karma on this pivotal Full Moon! AHO!!! The reflections and testimonials that are coming in from this journey and the closing ritual leave me in tears continuously. I am beyond blessed and grateful!

Thank you Bruce Lyon for transmitting such refined esoteric guidance and translating it into such a tangible map. For the unwavering call that you sound for all of us to wake up to who we really are. For calling my masculine forth, for honoring my dark masculine, for welcoming me into the brotherhood. Aho!

Thank you Jon Darrall-Rew for inviting me to translate this map into embodied experiences for others to journey through to begin with. For refining my understanding of the essence of the Dark and the Light Masculine, beyond how these energies move in me, and in this way supporting me to reach their archetypal vibration versus “my” version of that vibration. Aho!

Thank you Timo Wiren for honoring, respecting, loving and cherishing my masculine, and for encouraging him to shine strong and bright! For being attracted to my Dark Masculine, helping me deeply heal the wound-based belief that I could not be loved by a partner there, that it would make me less feminine, attractive, sexy, desirable, etc. For supporting me to clean out shadows in my masculine, for providing imprints of the masculine that have deeply nourished my feminine and humbled my masculine. For journeying with me in brotherhood. Aho!




THIS IS THE WORLD I WANT TO LIVE IN!!! So this is me doing something about it!!! Join me!!!

A dear soul to me asked me yesterday: do you really believe this is the path to freedom? My answer: It may not be the only path, but it has been my path, and it’s a map that is accessible to all. I’m not interested in giving people experiences. I am not aiming for you to have a good time or enjoy yourself. I am aiming at freedom … and beyond! The rest comes naturally. This is the prep work! Who is in?