Sharing by Timo Wiren on discovering shadows in his Light Masculine:

“I have been working on my dark masculine for some time now and the demons coming from the deep dark netherworlds don’t frighten me so much any more, they even start to feel like friends, as they should be since they are me. I have thought that most of my work is there in the dark side and that it is not my home base. But quite surprisingly I have been feeling very much at home with the dark side and now what I have discovered is the shadow I have in the light masculine.

I have thought myself as the good guy, the light angel, full of heart and love, which I do have but I have shadow there too, which I have not been so aware of before. What came up in the men´s group recently, while looking at my shadow in the light masculine, is that I doubt my whole existence, purpose and goal in life. I have made choises that have taken me away from my children, previous work, friends and family and I question if they have been right choices? Is this conscious path worth it? Will I regret this? Have I hurt my children? Is all I am experiencing and feeling real or just a fabrication of my mind? Do I have spiritual experiences just because I wish to have them? And I also have a lot of judgement. There is a temptation to feel superior and look down on others, I have made choises that others should too, but they are too weak to make them, so I am better than them.

Yes I have a lot of shadow I wish to bring into the light so that it does not have power over me anymore. And yes writing this is also making my ego feel bigger. What to do. I am impatient, I dont want to work for years to get somewhere, I am 47, I want to be there now. And I want to know it is all worth it. And I know, and I still have doubt. This is me now.”