I have an incredibly strong Dark Masculine transmission. I have been ashamed of it and tried to hide it most of my life. All that did was mask it in shadow and distort it. I have learned to connect to it, to clean it up, understand its power and depth, and use this energy for myself and for the benefit of others. Consider this your personal invitation to do the same! Find out more here: http://www.thecross.one

The reason such a strong Dark Masculine energy survived is because it has been well hidden for the most part, in this little woman’s body! The reason why it could be developed in its essence and purified, is because it didn’t depend on form! There is a brilliance to it all indeed. 😉

A key lesson I learned while journeying with the Dark Masculine energy, from unhealthy to healthy, is that the piercing, the cutting, needs to be accompanied by love. I have learned to use discernment, of when to shoot dark arrows, when to pull out my Samurai’s sword (my masculine has always presented himself as an ancient samurai in my inner world), based on love, not fear (defend or attack). It needs to be clean. Purity is needed. So when I do pierce, it can be received, it can be a step towards evolution, it is love piercing. This is one of the key ways that that dark and light meet in me, this is one of the ways that the feminine and masculine meet in me.

The second key lesson is to have consent. We are not here to police each other, or feed righteousness. And control is a poor substitute for presence. Without consent, penetrating another (energetically or otherwise) is abuse of power. This shadow side of the Dark Masculine is why he is feared so much. So much wounding exists, passed on over generations and centuries, from the absence of presence, discipline and integrity leading to abuse power. Whether it’s taking material goods without consent, leading without consent, or raping, this is what it is based on. Consent is essential.

Lets face it, the Dark Masculine has a pretty bad reputation. Usually associated with evil, bad, reckless, rape, selfish, etc. Just like with everything, there are the healthy and the unhealthy versions. So that’s then unhealthy Dark Masculine. The healthy Dark Masculine is in fact an incredibly safe energy. Because there is consent, presence, and love.

By facing our shadows here, we can actually take 100% responsibility for ourselves: our words, our actions, our thoughts, our feelings. And THAT gives us A LOT OF POWER! To be able to access this power, and harness it, is a lot of responsibility. How much power and responsibility can your Dark Masculine be entrusted with?