It took me a very long time to accept the sacred in my life, to own my need for ritual, and to recognize archetypes/ energies of divine manifestation. Having an alter, as well as a travel version of one since I can’t carry bronze statues everywhere I go, and setting it up is the first thing I do where ever I spend the night, even a tent! It represents what I hold sacred, what I’m connected to, what I’m grateful for, what I am working with, what I’m open to.

So … What are you calling in and how? Take a picture of your alter and include it below, or simply describe it. This alter is quite different from the one I had two days ago before these three sacred representations joined me.

Proudly introducing the three new additions to our sacred family alter! From left to right: the Minotaur, the Snake Goddess, and Satyris. All Minoan era from Crete. Powerful yeah? Calling in the energies of the dark masculine and the dark feminine! Also calling in cosmic alignment purpose and ether element through the chakana, abundance through the coin, earth element with the Quartz stone, light love and fire element with candle and the obsidian, purification and air with palo santo, spiral of life through the shell and water element.

You don’t have an alter? Start with putting a space aside where you put only what you hold sacred. Include something for each of the elements if that resonates. Include some representations of the themes I listed above. Notice what a change or difference this makes to you, to the space, over a period of time. Enjoy!

After all, these are material symbols of energies which are omnipresent, whether we acknowledge them or not. The difference is that when we connect to them consciously we give permission, consent, we become aware of them… And that is powerful!

Blessings to you wherever you are, from me on pilgrimage in Greece!