(Links to 4 heart opening practices included)
What if you allowed your personal heart break to help you open to more love, instead of contracting and restricting it’s flow?
What if this was Life’s plan, Love’s plan, all along? What if you misunderstood? You thought it was about creating more armoring and protection, when in fact it’s a way to crack open and let more love in!
Take the invitation this extra-ordinary situation is presenting us with. What are your personal heart breaks right now? Is it about those dying? About your economic situation? About those without health care? About the nurses and doctors who are getting sick trying to help others? Fear for your children or parent or yourself? Disappointment in the leaders you voted for? Grief at the state of your relationship now that you have time together but nothing to say to each other, or just continuously fight? Grief at no longer being able to stand your own company and thoughts when alone? Heart break over money lost, plans canceled, projects, dreams, vacations, travel, connections, meetings, gatherings, (fill in the blank), which can not manifest?
Name what breaks your personal heart right now…
…and FEEL it!!
YES FEEL IT! Feel the pain, the anger, the grief, the longing, the fear, FEEL IT ALL!
What if you let that betrayal which has an external catalyst/ trigger, lead you to see your own betrayal?
What have you been, or are you still, betraying? Your truth? Yourself? Your body? Your heart? Your Soul? Nature? Love?
NOW… INSTEAD OF CONTRACTING (becoming harder, disconnecting, going numb, distracting, understanding, spacing out, etc.)… STAY! AND STAY OPEN! Keep feeling the emotions, keep feeling the vulnerability, and STAY OPEN!
TAKE THE INVITATION! Turn the personal heart break into Soul emergence. All Soul expression is Love. Let the personal heart break lead you to more Soul, through Love itself! Recognize where you have betrayed love.
What if the situation we find ourselves in right now is part of Love’s greater vision for us all?
What IF beloved?
What if the cracks let more LIFE in?
What if what is cracking is the shell, the armoring, that you no longer need? NOT your heart.
What if your heart actually doesnt need any protection, defending? What IF beloved?
What IF…
THE heart that is beating you, living you, breathing you, all of us… is inviting you to open to more love through your own personal heart breaks?
Oh beloved…
When will you stop betraying yourself?
When will you stop negotiating for love?
When will you stop negotiating love?
Oh beloved… when will you realize YOU ARE LOVE?!?!?!?!
Oh beloved … take the invitation!
4 Guided Practices to Support you to Open to More Love:
1) Using Heart Break to Open to Love
2) Physical practice to open up the heart area
3) The 3-Rings of The Heart
4) Osho’s Atisha’s Heart Meditation
with love, respect and power
Note: If this resonates with you, please share it with others who may benefit from this inspiration and practices as well. Aho