What are YOUR darlings? What does your personality hold most precious? What are your plans? Your projects? Your connections? What are your attachments? What are you clinging onto? What are you praying this global upheaval doesn’t “take” from you?
Can you let it all go? Yes… all of it… as in: ALL OF IT!
Can you surrender to the unknown? Can you let go of the control and the planning and the safety nets and measures? Can you surrender how you thought things were going to go, how you wanted them to go, how you believed you neeeeeded them to go?
While we have all been busy planning our lives away to achieve something, to be someone, to acquire or to hold on to our darlings, “my precious”, in the way we were so sure was the best but which has in fact been a poor substitute for “getting love”… Love has been waiting.
The state of affairs on the planet are what they are because love has not fully landed on this planet. Love has not fully landed because our Souls have not fully landed in our bodies. It’s that simple! The essence of each and every soul on the planet is Love. So if we want things to really change for us individually, as a collective, and for the planet… then the real question is: am I ready to stand as the love that I am, as the Soul that I am, here, now? Am I ready to BE that which I am seeking for out there? Am I ready to remember why I chose to incarnate in this life to begin with? Who am I really? (spoiler alert: a soul!) and why am I here? For any of that to happen, you gotta let go of your ego’s darlings!
Look around! Now more then ever it is so so so so obvious! Thank you Corona for the invitation. Love has been waiting way too long! Soul emergence is the medicine that is precisely needed, this is the love we have been search for, this is the invitation! So that we can actually LIVE!
But this REQUIRES that we make a decision! Surrender your darlings to your soul, to love, to life… and trust! Not trust that things will go as you anticipated or crossing your fingers that they do turn out the way you still secretly hope they do. No not that. Real trust.
Instead of holding on to those darlings, can we hold on to the love that we are? Consider Corona your personal invitation to do that!
If you really do want things to change for you, for humanity, and for the planet, take this invitation into Soul Initiation! Let go of the control, surrender, and trust in love, trust in life. You are much greater then what you can imagine, and so is the meaning of this life!
Thank you Corona for inviting so many of us to jump! To take a leap of faith and trust life and trust Love. To surrender our personal desires and attachments, and the belief that we know better… to our Soul’s guidance, to Love.
Enjoy the free fall!
With love, respect, and power
Note: If this resonates with you, please share it with others who may benefit from this clarity and inspiration as well. Aho