This is the strongest feminine archetypal energy that runs through me. It has been this way for me since I was a child, and that wasn’t always easy for me to understand. As a child, as a teenager and as a young adult, I have judged myself for being too deep, too heavy. When this energy has come out unclean, it has been more of a “know it all” then wisdom. With age and experienced I have learned to refine it.

The Wise Woman archetype is often times associated with the Crone. But they are not the same. The Crone is a stage in life, associated with the peri and post menopausal time in our lives as women. Ideally, by then we have lived enough, fought enough, tried enough, proved enough, healed enough, given enough, taken enough, shared enough, to have acquired wisdom through years of experience. This is the wisdom that accompanies the Crone.

However, the Wise Woman energy is something that can be accessed no matter what age you are. She is associated with the darkest night of each month, when the moon is at its thinnest. There is a stillness, energy moves inward. This is our body’s invitation to go very deep within. This time in our cycle is related to winter, when life goes unground, into the depths. It is a time when we are more receptive and sensitive, and deeply inwards. We may be able to connect to the spirit world more easily, there may be messages in dreams or channeling may come through us. To access the Wise Woman a stillness is needed. Depth is her signature. A childlike playfulness, innocence accompanies her. There is a “knowing”. It’s not about information, or knowledge. It’s much deeper then that. And in that depth and silence and stillness, a connection! A connection with the spirit world, with higher consciousness, with ancestral wisdom, with mysteries held in the stones and in the ethers. This is her freedom, this is her gift, her medicine. And just like all the other archetypes, you can cultivate this energy to flow through you.

Consistently, men and women have given their power away to this energy in me, with an attitude of: “she knows”. So I invite you to take your power back and know that you too can access this energy. You too can access this deeper higher wisdom and knowing. I have shared a couple of ways you can start to do that on my YouTube channel, click on the link below to access that. And I will be posting more, so stay tuned!