“The Cross” represents our key polarities as human beings: soul and body, masculine and feminine, light and dark. This map was developed by Bruce Lyon, who received the transmission from the Tibetan Master D.K. It provides the most integrated, holistic, fast and deep path we know to Soul Awakening and anchoring, and to becoming an activated vessel of Life Force!


* The polarities on the vertical axis:

  • Soul: Our eternal self moving towards wholeness and liberation
  • Animal/ Body: our raw, instinctual intelligence and nature


* The polarities on the horizontal axis:

  • Masculine: Presence
  • Feminine: Connection and Feeling


* The quadrants: Dark Feminine, Light Feminine, Dark Masculine, Light Masculine.


Each one of the quadrants are an expression of Power and Love. Each one is a portal of Life Force energy expressing itself through this divine and primordial archetypal energy.


We may not always experience it this way however. We can have a healthy expression of each of these polarities and quadrants, while also having a shadow/ distorted/ stunted expression. In order to come to balance, the distortion must come out into the light, and the authentic expression behind it be given permission. The stunted expression needs to be given permission, cultivated and strengthened in order to come into balance. At the beginning we may simply recognize these energies in ourselves, as “my” Dark Feminine or “my” Light Masculine. The more we clean out the distortions we carry, and let go of our resistances, the more we can open up to THE Archetypal energy in it’s pure form to run through us.


Archetypes serve as a bridge to wholeness. They are archaic, as old as time, and universal (it does not matter your race, religion, culture, age, etc). In other words, they are part of our inherent potential individually and collectively. This inherent potential is actualized when made conscious and subsequently harnessed and allowed to manifest. Any one of us can choose that.


Ultimately, working with The Cross takes us on a journey of knowing ourselves as a Soul, to reaching the wholeness of ourselves as Souls liberated from all Karmas. In other words, we can use this map to evolve through different Soul initiation stages. Simultaneously, working with The Cross can be super practical and can have immediate impact in your life!


Dark, Shadow and Evil are not the same! Here are some summary definitions in order to clarify the terminology of this map.
* Evil: anything that is actively blocking or attempting to destroy love, light and life.
* Shadow: aspects of our being that are unconscious or repressed, and yet are affecting or even guiding our behavior. Unintegrated aspects of our personality, distortions, and unrealized potential.
* Dark: primal energies of Life, Earthy, related to the body and our animal nature.

As you read the following descriptions of the quadrants (which are not exhaustive), reflect on the key lessons each one holds for you at the individual level, as well as for all of us at the collective/ humanity level.


The 4 Quadrants:


The LIGHT FEMININE – The quadrant made up of feminine and soul: The capacity to live as love and embrace everything. When we connect to her we connect to divine grace, unconditional love and acceptance, and the beauty in everything. The shadow expression is lack of boundaries, overly nurturing, and bypassing pain with “all is love and light”. The stunted version is when there is an inability to connect, to give and receive love, or to forgive.


The DARK FEMININE – The quadrant made up of feminine and animal: sensual pleasure, erotic wisdom, emotional fluidity, and naked authenticity. This energy has a sexual sovereignty, the capacity to attract/ magnetize, and the willingness to feel everything, even the most apparently ugly, desperate, and suffering parts of life. The shadow expression is manipulation, power games, chaoticness, vengeance, and emotionally explosive. The stunted version is frigidity (rejection or judgment of sensual and sexual pleasure), and emotionally, physically or sexually detached.


The LIGHT MASCULINE – The quadrant made up of masculine and soul: the presence of consciousness, the fire of awakeness, pure purpose. Its healthy expression is the Presence of Consciousness. This consciousness is expressed through a sense of purpose, and the unshakeable knowing of who you truly are and why you are here, a soul, one with God. In its shadow expression it can be excessively mindy/ mental, disconnected from the body, sexuality and/ or emotions, unable to manifest or materialize intentions, passive, rigid and controlling. Its stunted version can be seen in loss of presence to yourself or others, attachment to identity, and being thrown off center by the intensity of “shakti” (life in matter).


The DARK MASCULINE – The quadrant made up of masculine and animal: Slicing clarity, warriorship, penetrative presence. The Dark Masculine is generally the most challenging of all the areas for people to work with, mainly because we have such few examples of its healthy expression in our society. The Key to unlocking the healthy Dark Masculine energy is Penetrative Presence. This energy penetrates matter, whether it’s in the expression of manifestation on the material plane, sexual potency, or the cutting through the illusion of veils (ie: cut through the bullshit). The shadow of the Dark Masculine is where there is a lack of presence but there is still penetrative energy, power. In other words: Abuse of Power. The stunted version is not being able to stand, whether that is to manifest your purpose or what you are passionate about, or stand for something you believe in, and not claiming your no, the stereotypical “doormat” type of behaviour.


We all need the healthy expression of the both the Dark and the Light Feminine and Masculine within us to feel fulfilled and whole, no matter what body we were born with this time around. And humanity needs it too! The state of the world today is in large part due to the absence of the integration and grounding of this internal sisterhood and brotherhood. It’s time we each play our part, and do something about it… We need this like we need air!