In this webinar I have a deep discussion with Karim in Egypt and Saija in Finland, about:

  • What is The Cross;
  • What is the essence of the healthy Light Masculine;
  • What is the distorted Light Masculine: shadow and stunted expressions;
  • How the Light Masculine expresses love, power and Life;
  • What is the Light Masculine expression of power;
  • What is the Light Masculine expression of sexuality and sensuality;
  • What are some of the traps while exploring the Light Masculine’
  • The Guru factor;
  • How does the Light Masculine deal with the Dark Feminine;
  • The Brotherhood wound within: How does the Light Masculine support or relate with his dark brother;
  • Why is this energy needed individually and collectively;AND… I guide you through some inner reflections that can support you to integrate and mature this energy more and more within your being!We hope you benefit from this webinar and thank you for joining us today! We would love to hear how this impacts you, please do comment below.


    Here is the Webinar on the Light Masculine

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