The path to one-ness is paved with letting go of illusions, letting go of who you think you are. That includes your form and identity as a woman.

The path to wholeness means bringing back home all of you. If you identify as a woman this includes your masculine!
This is the way to stop outsourcing our need for the masculine as women, on men, and to know ourselves beyond the polarity of feminine or as a woman, and know ourselves as a Soul!
When our feminine and masculine come into union, we can go beyond the polarities and know ourselves as one! There is a deep sense of fulfillment, wholeness and empowerment. He has her back and she’s got his! But for that, they need to be equals.
Most women’s healthy masculine has not been allowed to be expressed so he has not had the chance to mature, to be seen, to be felt, to be welcomed, and to be expressed. I am not talking about the masculine in you that competes with men to show them “who is the boss”. I’m talking about your authentic, integrated, mature masculine.
If you know the time has come for you to:
* heal the masculine imprint you carry that is holding you back;
* discover, mature and celebrate your own healthy masculine;
* honor your inner union of masculine and feminine;
* go beyond the polarities and anchor yourself in the truth that you are both AND neither, and remember yourself as an Embodied Soul; and
* recognize these two polarities and their union as a portal to greater Life Force energy, and to its stabilization in you and through you…
Then join me in the journey of Initiation into the Masculine for Women!
Watch this short introductory video for more:

Working with the archetypal energies of Feminine and Masculine, which represent the basic polarities of our being, along with Animal Body and Soul, provides the most integrated, holistic, fast and deep path we know to Soul Awakening and anchoring. Period! This larger work is referred to as The Cross and it was developed by Bruce Lyon.

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Thank you Goncalo Luz for this beautiful and powerful video creation. Thank you to all the sisters who journeyed into their own masculine and agreed to have their image shared so that others may benefit too.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!