Yes, that takes TRUE MASTERY!

AND it’s the greatest experiment in the cosmos!

To forget where you have come from.
To not remember who you really are.

AND… from that unconsciousness, from that sleepingwalking state, from that amnesia, from that density and darkness (of not being able to “see”)…

To Wake Up!
To Remember!
To live as who you were always meant to be: A Soul in service to Life & Love!

As has been spelled out in the esoteric teachings which have been coming through:
– Humanity is going through a Soul Initiation
– Soul initiation precipates Crisis: 2020-2030 is referred to as the decade of Crisis/ Suffering
– It is also referred to as the decade of great freedom!
– Humanity (individuals and groups) can request help from those supporting this process in “higher realms” and it will be provided.
– If we do this the Soul of Earth can fully land here on Earth, for the great divine being that we call Earth, and for each of us individually.

Take the time to listen to this short video. It explains it to you like a 5 year old! It’s incredibly powerful and touching… and accurate!