*** Link to Video of Guided Journey included below, PLEASE read this post first before doing the meditation so you understand the context ***
Today we celebrate this divine being which we call planet Earth, Gaia, Pacha, etc.
The Trans-Himalayan teachings share that this great being that we call Earth is currently going through its Soul initiation and, as we are all individual cells on this great being, we are invited along for the ride!
Do we have a choice? Yes. And all those who chose to incarnate during this time said Yes to being tested this way, to being part of this initiation, whatever that may look like. Yes, the current US President as well. Every Soul has their role to play! The purification process is needed.
In this Guided Journey I focused on the Earth’s Soul Initiation. We humans are all part of this great being and it too has a personality and a Soul. Earth’s personality “ray” is the 3rd Ray, which as a humanity we have over identified with and this has led to great distortions. For example, the clinging onto/ over-identification with mind and structure. Earth’s Soul “ray” is the 2nd Ray, the purity of Love. And that’s the fork on the road we are all currently on, our individual Soul initiation and our collective Soul initiation! We are currently in the transition shifting from fear-based personality, which clings onto mind and structures, to surrendering and trusting Love and Life.
These teachings indicate that this next decade is the last stretch, the home run, from now until 2030! So let’s do this folks!!!
Now let’s zoom out a bit and see things from Earth’s perspective.
This great being that we call Earth is the base chakra of a larger cosmic being: our Solar system. (Pause for a minute and take that in! Visualize it if you can.)
This great being that we call Earth made a decision some time ago to take on more density than what had been allocated to it. It made this decision knowing that to do that in the “short term” (thousands of years) would mean Soul evolution on the planet would be slower, stunted. The risk was that it would not awaken from its slumber, that it would not remember, that it would remain stuck in the lethargy of over-identification with dense matter, the material. The result has been that us humans are “behind schedule” (cosmic evolutionary schedule that is), we “should have” already remembered ourselves and be living as Souls. And that was the risk! It was a gamble… for the longer run. So that the incredible amounts of formless energies and Wisdom/ Truth in the ethers could finally be anchored in form, and could truly be expressed, lived, experienced. So that the density of matter would be a match for the intensity of Spirit landing. So that divinity IN matter would finally be manifest in this Galaxy! YES!!!
Meanwhile back at the ranch: So the reason why the Shamballa Force is coming on line now, and we are being impacted by the energy of Spirit and Planetary Purpose… drum roll please… is to speed up this process so we can “catch up”, push the fast forward button and accelerate things a bit and get back on track. Life Force has been nudging us, now it’s starting to shake us: WAKE UP NOW! So that humanity can wake up in its heart to who it truly is! That’s certainly cause for celebration!
And NOW that this being we call Earth is finally going through its Soul initiation, as the base chakra of a greater cosmic being (our Solar System), the implications for our galaxy are immense.
THIS … WE … THE GREATEST EXPERIMENT HAPPENING IN THE COSMOS!!! (if this isn’t exciting then I dont know what is!)
AND we have all chosen to be here for it, to be a part of it! Whether we remember that or not.
The invitation: To clean out our fear-based personalities from the structures we cling onto and the stop over-identifying with the mind, and surrender to the wisdom of Love and Life instead. That’s it!
Why? So that we finally move into the next phase of humanity: embodied Souls! YES! Finally!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!
AND… to be a part of this transition that this incredible being we call Earth is making: its Soul Initiation.
So What? As it does so, Planetary Soul Purpose lands in the base of our Solar systerm! Bam! Oh H#ll Yeah!
This ‘aint no individual little game folks between your ego and “higher self”, it’s not even just a collective or humanity level endevour… we are finally stepping into our big girl/boy shoes and taking our rightful place in the Cosmic game! Aho!
So join me in this guided journey and lets celebrate Earth’s Soul Initiation!!!
“Light, Love and Power are One
They meet in the human race
To let the Life which ever IS
Seed itself in Space.
Let the One behind the Three come forth
And through the heart of man
Reveal the hidden glory
Of the evolving Cosmic Plan.
May the Avatar we are, arrive
To fulfill our destiny
And the Mother of the World rejoice
For the soul of Earth is free!”
– The Mantram of Synthesis, from Occult Cosmology by Bruce Lyon.
I would love to hear from you regarding how this guided journey impacts you and your reflections about this powerful transition we are all a part of.
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Thank you Thank you Thank you!
Blessings on your journey as an embodied soul.
Note: This was recorded as part of the Shamballa School weekly Life-Force Activation Meditation which we do in group. I share it publicly here in honor of Earth Day, April 22, 2020, given what we are going through as a collective. Shamballa School is dedicated to Spirit. Spirit is the Life principle at the core of every being, in their heart, body and soul. It is the eternal One that is the essence of both consciousness and matter. As this energy descends through our souls, rises from our bodies, and thunders through our hearts, these currents act like a defibrillator that progressively ignites the soul into supernova. For more about Shamballa School see: https://www.shamballaschool.org/