The Full Moon on the Aries-Libra Axis marks the 1st part of a trilogy (3-part) of great esoteric importance and potential power we can harness.


During this time we are invited to our own Redemption! We are invited to Remember Who We Really Are, and overcome our unconsciousness, our “asleepness”. The rebirth (of the zodiac with Aries being the first sign), the renewal (with Equinox marking the return of Spring), the resurrection (of Jesus the Christ with Easter coming up), all point toward the same energy and invitation: Soul Emergence!


Accept the invitation of Soul Emergence, remember who you really are and freaken let it shine and celebrate it!!! It’s long over-due. Who has a yes to this?


To frame our journey we work with the energies of the Aries-Libra axis.

* Aries: Fire, the Initiator, & Seeding;

* Libra: Sacred Balance & Right Relations


If you like to note down your experiences then have some paper and something to write with handy. Movement, sounds, emotions are all welcome and if you don’t have the privacy or space for all that I trust that you can get creative.


A HUGE thank you for all those who joined live and shared about their experience here. If you still wish to share, or ask anything, you can still comment and I will be notified and reply. If you benefited from this transmission, please do share it with others and help me spread it, and lets Celebrate the Resurrection that is Our Soul Emergence.


It was a gift for me as much as it was for any of you! Thank you Thank you Thank you!


The Full Moons in May and June build on this. To me it is no coincidence (because I don’t believe in them) that this Corona situation is at its peak for the majority of the world during these Full Moons in particular. So I will be doing a FB LIVE to honor each part of this powerful trilogy, and this was Part 1! Apologies for the poor visual quality at times, the sound was unaffected thankfully.


Regarding what to do when old habits pop their heads up for attention again. Ultimately the fear-based personality structure has to be deconstructed so Soul can claim its rightful place in you full time, with the support of the integrated personality. Fear and love can not share the same throne. I have a playlist on my YouTube channel that is dedicated to Shadow Work. Maybe some practices there can support you if you need it. And there are other guided journeys and webinars which complement this one very well too, in the Webinars and Guided Meditations Playlist on my YouTube channel. It’s all free, help yourself!


You are of course welcome to join me some time in the future in a group, this is what all my work is dedicated to.
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If this work resonates with you, then help me spread it so that others can benefit too!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!
Blessings on your journey as an embodied soul.
Take care of the seeds you planted today! Aho