A message from Bruce Lyon regarding these times! Read his original post below.

HOLDING!!! Oh sooooooo HOLDING!!!

As the structures and institutions and life as you know it crumbles around you (saturn)… HOLD!!! And keep going IN!

Check your base. What fears are there? Face them. Feel them.


Let your soul descend all the way to your base! If ever there was a time when this needs to happen… it’s now, as we approach 2025. In fact, it’s way overdue.

Address your relationship with death. What about it do you reject? You haven’t seen your kids grow up? You haven’t found your soul purpose? You haven’t lived your full potential? Face it. Feel it.


And surrender to the unknown. To the deeper sources of LOVE and POWER! To LIFE!

We got this folks!

From Bruce Lyon:

Wild Love and The Coronavirus —- Hold!!!!

Well the Pluto Saturn transit has revealed itself through a health crisis striking at the root of our social political and economic structures. The keynote is fear – ultimately a fear of death which underpins the Saturn control of the crumbling civilisation.

It is tempting to wade in to the fray as panic begins to grip large sections of our world and yet my deepest intuition says Hold!!! Or as TS Eliot says in the Four Quartets…” I said to my soul be still….and wait without hope for hope would be hope for the wrong thing…the faith and the love and the hope are all in the waiting”.

There is a wisdom in what is happening and it may take some time for it to reveal.

During that time each will follow their own call but my impulse is to go deeply within…strengthen our connection to those sources of strength, love and power which are the wellsprings of what is coming.

Examine what pockets of fear exist In ourselves that need clearing out. Confront any fear of our own deaths or those we love. Confront the disruption of all our plans for the year. Confront the deeper crises of the environment and the irrevocable change of life on earth as we know it. Take more and more parts of you through the portal of this earth initiation. Clear the grief from your own heart and lungs and the fear from your solar plexus and base. Stay close to your beloveds and strengthen the networks of love as separation spreads.

Then as Pluto and Jupiter come into conjunction mid year it will be time to emerge with that core strengthened able to meet whatever IS with spontaneously appropriate wild love.

Once the exhaustion of fear around survival and economics has happened people will be much more willing to look for the source of true security – the world soul and their essential divinity.

We may not be able to see it yet because we are still in it but this is part of the world soul stirring – perhaps merely a warning or perhaps a deeper challenge to the status quo. In any event cracks are appearing – inside individuals, in our social and political structures, in the places we collectively reach for at times of emergen-cy. Those cracks can let the world soul emerge. We are here to help mid-wife that emergence………..Hold!!!!!!