“We have never had a fight.” “Really?” “Yup! Really!” This is how the conversation usually goes. Either people don’t believe us, or put us on some pedestal up in the clouds which they conclude is unreachable for them. So here we are, dispelling that myth and sharing our “secrets” with you, because we deeply believe that everyone CAN live this way. And we wish nothing less for you!
We did our best to describe the pitfalls that lead to fighting, instantly and over time, and how we avoid them. It turned out into a 5-part series. If you sincerely want to reduce, or all together avoid, fighting it’s definitely worth watching it in its entirety, although each part is complete in itself. We welcome your comments, sharings, and questions!
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So here is Part 1: Prioritize staying connected instead of needing to be right. Surrender the ego!
with all our love
Taki’h & Timo